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Thursday, July 28, 2016, 2:28 AM Jackson Hole, Wyoming About ThoughtShaker

05.10.11 Going To The Movies!

By Thoughtshaker Folks

Last fall, we took a rainy off-season weekend and spent a total of ~20+ hours working on this 1 minute short animated chalk video depicting a skier and winter landscape. Although there were no grand plans for the video at the time (much more of an experiment and something to keep us busy on a rainy off-season weekend), we just learned today that we made the final cut for New Belgium's Clip's of Faith Beer and Film Tour! Unfortunately the tour is not coming to our neck of the woods, but check here to see if you can catch it in yours.

Also, congrats to fellow JH filmmaker Tristan Greszko on his selection of a Tiny Day in Jackson Hole Backcountry!

The 2011 Clips of Faith Program:
1.  NPO film (3:00)
2.  NB Intro Animation  (0:30)
3.  Tiny day in Jackson Hole Backcountry(7:18
)  WY  Tristan Greszko
4.  Bottles (2:36)  CO Geoff Maddaford
5.  Shelter (6:30)  CA  Jason Sussberg
6.  Biere de zilla (0:45) CO Tess Witler
7.  The Picnic Table Bicycle (3:15)  CO  Ryan Van Duzer
8.  The Millionaires Club (2:30) WA  Sam Nuttmann
9.  Scrapertown (7:32)  CA   Drea Cooper
10. Papiroflexia  (2:30)  CA  Joaquin Baldwin
11. NB Animation (1:00)

12. NB Animation (0:30)
13.  BLOB (3:00)  
MO  Trevor Hawkins
14.  The bicycle city Trailer (2:30)  NJ  Greg Sucharew
15.  Oyster Man Mike (5:00)  NC  Farrah Hoffmire
16.  Ski and chalk (1:26)  WY  Chris Dickey
18.  Middle Fingers, not very fun (1:30)  AK  Scott Switzer
19.  Peter McBride HCN interview (4:45)  CO  Stephanie Ogburn
20.  Good Brew Takes Time (0:42)  CA   jerm wright
21.  Fringe Elements: Adventure Vision (3:34) AL Bryan Smith
22.  Performance (2:49)  CA  Robin Moore
23.  Assisted Migration (6:00)  WI  Dusan Harminc
24.  NB Animation (1:00)

clips of faith
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Photos: Behind the scenes with a very patient artist, Emily Feuz
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