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Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 9:15 AM Jackson Hole, Wyoming About ThoughtShaker

03.01.12 DEEP NORTH

By Chris D.

Discontent with your job? Just do with Corey Rich does and dream up expeditions to go exploring and climbing and get paid for it. I feel shortchanged: why didn't my highschool guidence counselor tell me about this option???


Filmmaker and photographer Corey Rich goes to Alaska's Arrigetch Peaks, located in the Brooks Range — north of the Arctic Circle in the winter. He goes up with filmmaker buddy Dane Henry and climbing partners Tommy Caldwell, Hyden Kennedy, Todd Offenbacher, and Tommy Thompson. Together they get dropped thousands of miles for nowhere, ski tour 20 miles into the range and then climb a new 5.11x route. Did I mention this happened IN THE WINTER? (okay, now I know why my guidence counselor didn't mention this option... because I can barely climb 5.11 on toprope in a gym.)

The above clip is just a teaser. Check out the full deal on Nikon's website.

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