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03.09.12 LIVE TO SKI

By Chris D. 2 comments

Live to Ski is my mantra, and I try to live by it as much as possible.

—“Rando” Steve Romeo

I’ve written a handful of obituaries on this blog, but this one by-far stings the most...

In the years since I permanently moved back to Jackson in 2006, Steve has been a friend, colleague, mentor and my go-to shop guy. He also began a blog during that time that has morphed into something of a teton range guidebook + community forum for the greater backcountry skiing world. In 2006, TetonAT was little more than a JH ski bum’s backcountry journal – by 2012, it had become a highly-respected, revenue-generating online skiing resource, recently named one of the most influential backcountry skiing blogs by ESPN.

The site’s slogan—now clearly laced with heartbreaking irony—was quite literally the personal credo by which Steve led his life (or allowed it to lead him). The last time I saw Steve was a week ago at the film event, “A Life Ascending.” The film narrated the life and tragedy of a prolific ski guide who lost six skiers in a massive avalanche while guiding. That evening, I took one of Steve’s “Live To Ski” stickers and slapped it onto the bumper of my girlfriend’s compact-car in jest. As a recent transplant from California, she hardly “lives to ski” but is earnestly trying to learn. While she has yet to take her first turns down Teton Pass, perhaps one day she will surprise herself while bobbing down an alpine meadow of freshly fallen snow and recognize that she too understands the emotional, physical and moral aim of Steve’s now iconic expression.

Passing the torch and sharing the love of skiing with new participants is perhaps the best way to keep Steve’s spirit alive and well. Thanks again for all the advice, friendship, inspiration and positive vibes. You are deeply missed.

a fateful fortune posted on facebook last Friday...

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  • Ty Cook said on March 9, 2012 at 3:31 PM

    Thanks for sharing that Chris. I shared a few very special days with Steve in the park and always love running into him around town because of his infectious enthusiasm. He did so much for our community and it pains me to think I will never see his grace on the snow again.

  • john walker said on March 10, 2012 at 8:35 AM

    thanks Chris; Steve is one of a kind, a genuinely lovable and enduringly enthusiastic person. It's a pleasure simply to have known him and an honor to call him a friend, Live to ski.