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04.11.12 Passover Powder

By Chris D.
Passover Powder 2

On Easter Weekend this year, I worshipped in the best way I know how: by skiing. Headed up to the summit of the Middle Teton via the Chouinard Couloir, myself, Andrew Reynolds, and Peter Biskind left the parking lot at a leisurely 7:15AM.
Passover Powder 3

Passover Powder 4

After getting thwarted yet again in the Chouinard (too icy for a safe & decent ski), we defaulted to a little slot shot we called "Andy's Couloir."

Passover Powder 5

Andrew leading the charge into his self-titled couloir.

Passover Powder 1

Myself exiting the couloir.

Passover Powder 7

Finishing with creamy turns down the cave, back to the meadows. However, unsatisfied with our progress and with plenty of sun in the sky, we decided to pursue another objective on the other side of Garnet Canyon: Red Sentinel Couloir.

Passover Powder 8

Climbing the Red Sentinel gully from the Garnet Canyon side.

Passover Powder 9

Looking up at the col from inside the couloir. How did I get to be the guinea pig on this one?

Passover Powder 10

Finding fresh powder in the Sentinel. Likely to be the last face shots of the 2011/12 season...

Passover Powder 11

Finishing out of Glacier Gulch. Back to the car for beer!

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